Club Virtual Cross Country Challenge (Club members only)

We plan to run a series of cross country time trials over the summer where club members can run the courses in small groups or on their own over a weekend and submit their times virtually.

First course is Cefn-dyrys : some of the course is on private land so you will only be able to run this course Friday to Monday the week end of 26/06/21.

Results are now in and the course is closed: Well done to all those who ran…including any who did a few extra miles ……!


Name  (Cefndyrys Wood)
Lee Price 38.09
Jack Hammond 39.42
Stafford Rees 40.32
Dai Harris 41.21
Haydn O’Reilly 41.33
Gareth Price 41.55
Jo Rees 41.58
Craig Bufton 42.42
Darren Hughes 43.49
Stephen Hambridge 44.58
Lewis Ward 45.36
Kirsty Prosser 45.44
Jeny Farrow 46.30
Christian Prynne 46.46
Kate Jones 46.57
Rob Saunders 47.28
Lisa Weetman 47.32
Gunvor troelsen49.05
Sandy Brown 52.08
David Sutherland 52.09
Sophie Cook 52.09
Izzy Watts60.20
Mel Graham 61.26
Callum Morris 63.17
Gareth Morris 65.00
Avril Hardwicke66.11
Vicky Turner 71.01
Liam Daly 76.25
Mel Ross78.51

Hereford Cross country league (latest news)

The league is hoping to restart in October 2021 when COVID restrictions allow.

Results from previous seasons are all posted on the Croft Ambrey running club web site