Handicapped 5k Time Trial

The Fourth Handicapped 5k took place on December 22nd on a cold, dark and damp evening. 10 runners chasing down the runner in front or being hunted by the runner behind.

A great opportunity for the competitive beast inside you to run a fast 5k. A personal best 5k by Kate Jones of 20.09 wasn’t quite enough to get onto the podium but we’ll done on a cold, dark and damp evening.

First to cross the line was Chris Burton πŸ… smashing his pb by over 2 minutes, 2nd was our chairman Christian Prynne πŸ₯ˆ who ran his fastest parkrun course of the year. Third was Raymond Davies πŸ₯‰ despite running a 22 mile mountain trail race just 5 days before. Well done all πŸ‘.

Chris Burton is the fourth winner of this challenge following on from Steve Evans, Noreen O’Conner and Tania Samuel

Our Third members 5k handicap was held on the Groe on Monday 2nd August at 6:30pm. Great to see so many club members competing. Results are shown below:

Results of 3rd Members 5k handicap race , 2nd August 2021

NameHandicapStartTimeFinished Time
Tan Sam3106:30:5027.0206:57:52
Aj Bridson28.3306:33:1726.5207:00:09
Gav Samuel2306:38:5021.2207:00:12
Nic Kelly30.306:31:2029.5307:01:13
Sandy Brown25.4706:36:0325.207:01:23
Craig Bufton22.306:39:2022.0707:01:27
Lewis Ward23.106:38:4022.5107:01:31
Gunvor Troelsen23.0406:38:4622.4807:01:34
Gareth Price20.2806:41:2220.1407:01:36
Stuart Cripps3206:29:5031.5307:01:43
David Sutherland23.4306:38:0723.4407:01:51
Haydn O’Reilly18.5406:42:5618.5507:01:51
Stephen Hambridge20.2106:41:2920.2607:01:55
Lee Price19.0806:42:4219.1507:01:57
Lewis Davies22.1106:39:5022.1107:02:01
Sophie Cook21.1506:40:3521.2907:02:04
Stafford Rees19.0106:42:4919.1507:02:04
Lisa Weetman21.5106:39:5922.0607:02:05
Callum Morris28.0806:33:4228.3907:02:21
Mel Graham26.4106:35:0927.1607:02:25
Vicky Turner31.1506:30:3531.5407:02:29
Sarah Cuthbertson3306:28:5034.4207:02:32
Ffion Williams23.3806:38:1224.207:02:32
Anna Georgiou26.106:35:4026.5907:02:39
Christian Prynne22.0506:39:4523.0307:02:48

Results from the second handicap race

Our second members 5k handicap was held on Monday 5th July, 7pm start from the Groe carpark.

Results are listed below

Noreen O’Connor 34.0030.141.0031.14
Matthew Jones 28.0024.397.0031.39
Jo Jones 35.0031.500.0031.50
Molly DeWinton 31.1528.203.4532.05
Nic Kelly33.0030.303.4532.30
Shannon Price 32.0029.323.0032.32
Callum Morris 30.3028.084.3032.38
Gareth Morris 30.0028.215.0033.21
Gareth Price 22.0020.2813.0033.28
Ffion Williams 25.0023.3810.0033.38
Lewis Ward 24.3023.1010.3033.40
David Sutherland 25.0023.4310.0033.43
Sandy Brown27.0025.478.0033.47
Lisa Weetman23.0021.5112.0033.51
Jo Rees22.0020.5713.0033.57
Stuart Cripps 33.0032.022.0034.02
Mel Graham27.3026.417.3034.11
Jack Hammond 20.0019.1215.0034.12
Sophie Cook22.0021.1513.0034.15
Stafford Rees 19.3019.0115.3034.31
Steve Smith22.0021.3313.0034.33
Bronwyn Price 32.0031.343.0034.34
Christian Prynne 22.3022.0512.3034.35
Lee Price 19.3019.0815.3034.38
Anna Georgiau 26.3026.108.3034.40
Jenny Farrow 22.3022.3212.3035.02
Gunvor Troelsen 23.0023.0412.0035.04
Chris Offa 25.1526.199.4536.04
Jack Price 23:0024.4312.0036.43

First members 5k handicap race , 29th May 2021 . Results and picture below.


12Jo Rees2121.38+0:38